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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Professional Webmasters Advice

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Professional Webmasters Advice

First and foremost, advertising is getting your business known to local and / or world market (means online presence), and to get web traffic and finally improve your website ranking.

Here are useful steps/guide/tips on ways to online advertising.

(1) Use a website submitter to submit to all search engines, or manually submit them one by one.

(2) Create a video, publicize or advertise at video sites.

(3) Write, share, comment about your website (plus leaving behind your url link) at forum, articles, discussion, blogs, social network sites, press release, articles, etc.

(4) Post Free Ads at strategic classifieds.

You can search and build your list of free classified websites in the search engines with the right "keywords" such as:-

Biggest Classifieds
Best Online Classifieds
Best Classifieds
Free Classifieds Directory
Free Community Classifieds
Free Ads Uk
Free Ads Tv
Free Online Ads
Free Advertising Sites
Free Classified Sites
Free Classified Websites
Post Free Ads

*These are highly, popular searched words in the field of advertising.


  • http://www.AmericanClassifieds.Tv
  • http://www.FreeAds.Tv

  • http://www.CommunityClassifieds.Org 
  • http://www.LocalClassifiedAds.Org
  • http://www.FreeNewspaper.Org


List of Free Classified Websites:-.

  • http://www.FreeAdsUk.Org 
  • http://www.FreeAdsPosting.Org
  • http://www.FreeAdsOnline.Org
  • http://www.FreeOnlineAds.Org
  • http://www.FreeAdvertisingSites.Org 
  • http://www.FreeClassifiedSites.Org 
  • http://www.FreeClassifiedWebsites.Org 
  • http://www.PostFreeAds.Org

Advertise your website in top 10 or 20 ranking websites help to get your website picked up, indexed and ranked by google and other search engines, faster, easier and hassle-free. This is an advice from Global Webmasters Network as well as Professional Webmasters Advice:-

  • Biggest Classifieds - Page Rank 1 ; Alexa Rank 39,000
  • Best Online Classifieds - Page Rank 1 
  • Free Classifieds Directory - Page Rank 1 
  • Free Community Classifieds - Page Rank 1

You can get some good top 10 or 20 ranking websites if you conduct a search in the search engines using targeted keywords such as:-

  • Biggest Classifieds
  • Best Online Classifieds
  • Free Classifieds Directory
  • Free Community Classifieds
  • Community Classifieds
  • Post Free Ads